Visit Of South African Officers

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With the help of computer forensics, you can analyze and collect information contained in any computer system. This is done in such a manner that it can be presented in any court of law as valid evidence. This electronic discovery process has to follow a standardized set of procedures to collect the evidence. That evidence will prove that a particular incident took place and will pinpoint those who were responsible for it. Investigation with the help of computer forensics involves various levels such as preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation, and documentation. Computer forensics can help in investigating almost any type of crime such as personal, business, or government matters.

Decision Group, based in Taipei, is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of PC-based Multi-Port RS232/422/425 Serial Cards, and Industrial Automation and Control Systems. And it has diversified into developing the equipment and software for Internet Content Monitoring and Forensics Analysis Solutions. It has also established a comprehensive training course for hands-on training in network forensics and the use of equipment for lawful interception of data in computer systems.

In October 2010, two IT security officers from the South African Government visited the head office of Decision Group in Taipei for training in digital forensic equipment and procedures. They were also trained in the use of this equipment as part of management system on compliance with legal requirements. They were also made aware of the menu and report systems that are used to create a balance between individual privacy protection and business data confidentiality.

The South African officers observed that most criminals used emails that are protected by SSL encryption to communicate with each other. And, as such, they were impressed by the performance and usefulness of DG SSL Interceptor in breaking the encrypted lines and in collecting evidence for prevention of crime. They found that the above equipment can also support distributed deployment with centralized management in head office. This would help small local offices without IT support staff to operate these systems with the help from a centralized helpdesk.

The officers realized that these computer forensics equipments would be essential for e-government construction and operations.

Computer Forensics equipment such as SSL interceptor is a very useful tool for breaking encrypted messages exchanged between criminals. It is also used to collect information from computer systems to prevent crimes and to be used in courts of law as valid evidence.

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Visit Of South African Officers

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This article was published on 2010/11/13