What's the Big Deal with 3D Printing?

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The internet is changing the world business online. Due to the high rising of prices in gas, mode of transportation, building rentals, and mortgages, people tend to cut cost so that there will be no problem in budget distribution of funds. It is much wiser for business owners to enlist their business online. Cheaper in working cost-plus added benefits of extending your network worldwide. Most companies wants a paperless transactions, payments or dealings, it’s like almost all the things you usually do are converting into a wireless and digital chrome. On the other hand, the 3D printing machine manufacturer seems going in the opposite way.


Are you aware that 3D printing is already possible in some countries? Yes, printing your desired house plan, or your digital art in 3D. that is pretty amazing discovery in the field of Science. However, you gives a damn if most people now are turning online for almost everything that they want. Some would prefer a minimalist form of living since a lot of happenings and event are inside the web. You can call for parties online, play, chat, and even shopping. So who gives a big deal about 3D printing?


Last Friday in London, the ever first 3D print shown in public marks the beginning of actuality 3D innovations. People have already experienced watching 3D movies, using 3D in medical diagnostics and so on and so forth but not the same as printing in 3D. Many people attended the said event to witness if this device is as practical to own like any other printing device you own for a business, for school works and the likes. The manufacturer pointed out using special print heads that transform digital designs into a reality figure once printed. The machine is like a robotic sculptor that chips stones or wood to form a figurine. This makes figurine business owners manpower futile, since a machine is already capable to build multiple copies of products with precisions. This printer makes a big deal for architectures and engineers in presenting designs and plans to their clients.


Ever thought of the world going to halo grams and more digital in advancement, this discovery makes an opposing deal of change. However, will all sectors of industry will support this device to make their work easier and faster? The price is affordable and can get it the same price as a Macbook. Regardless, would the general population embrace this new device? would this be practical enough in terms of usability and applications in the selected fields of work? These are issues of concerns that most people needs addressing. Plus the way they predict their potential pricing is really affordable.


News about 3D printing is widely spreading throughout the world. One of the many manufacturers include who has just launch its their store in the country are feeling a bit indifferent compare to other printing store, when people hear about 3D printer, the first thing that comes in mind is the price. Because its new it's probably its expensive, but no, it's the opposite, you can even buy 3D printer at a price of $12000-$3000.


As of now, 3D printer is still ironing some contracts and courting many private investors to support massive production of the device. With the way how consumers patronize innovative devices in the market. Indeed, this is no wonder that people are making a big deal out of this news for the main reason that it changes how the way people present or send their files or designs to their superiors or clients. There are still doubts that surrounds the success of this device. A lot of people cannot imagine how the printer will present the output in 3D, the materials used, the ink and etc. All question will have an answer in due time when major companies will embrace this product and market it by all means.

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What's the Big Deal with 3D Printing?

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What's the Big Deal with 3D Printing?

This article was published on 2013/03/22